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IT Services

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Communications, Media & Technology

Since our inception in 2000, We have been helping Media and Entertainment companies benefit from digital innovation with its tremendous opportunities and competition. our customers can maximize revenues while reaching and engaging consumers across all channels and at all times. With big data driving this digital new world. we enable M&E businesses to take advantage of all the data they have, understanding their audiences in greater detail and making smarter decisions.

Banking & Financial Services

Over the years, our end-to-end custom services have enabled customers to get the full benefits of digital while creating new operating models and reinventing existing business processes. Such as Document Management, Employee collaboration portals and mobile apps. Wealth and asset management etc.

Life Sciences & Healthcare

San tech builds custom medical software to help health systems, hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, and other providers improve patient outcomes, balance costs, and secure PHI. We provide caregivers with task-driven solutions that enhance diagnostics and treatment, improve medical work flows, engage patients, and tackle day to day challenges on the way to value-based care.

Travel, Transportation & Hospitality

Our solution support the fully automated assignment of orders, proposing alternatives based on customer, road, order, and fleet data (including restrictions such as traffic congestion), Flexible adaptation to the current traffic situation possible via drag & drop. 
Always knowing where your vehicles are, or planning the easiest route and the online tracking of fleet locations and status and various reports and calculations required by the organization.

Manufacturing & Retail

We support the manufacturer's to ease of operations by the connected solutions and operations and their customers.

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