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Arani is a city famous for its rice, agriculture, and weaving silk. Thiruvannamalai is a major contributor to the district. Arani is the first city in Thiruvannamalai district to produce rice at the International level. Rice produced in premium quality in Arani, a city in Tamil Nadu, India. There are hundreds of factories in this city. The rice also goes from this city to various parts of the country and to neighboring countries for exports. Apart from these, paddy varieties from different parts of the state are milled and graded in arani.

The main sources of water for paddy in the Arani region are the Seiyaru river and the Kamandala Nakanadi river. Both these rivers originate in the Javadu Hills and flow through Arani. One of the reasons given is that the water available for the paddy produced in this river brings micronutrients from the forests and minerals in the Javadu hills. We at Thenu global foods playing an important role in providing best price and premium quality rice since 2016. Thenu global foods proud in serving you and your family a happy meal.

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