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Covid19 - Work from Home to Back to Office Relaxing masking requirements for vaccinated individuals.

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

During much of the post pandemic, the restrictions placed on people have been handed down by government or health departments. But for millions of employees returning to the office after a long stretch of work-from-home, one of the biggest changes will be after Relaxing masking requirements for vaccinated individuals are forcing businesses to consider rules based on inoculation status. The system which will track who’s received shots.

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Due to the lack of a centralized database of vaccinated people or a system employers can use to verify who has gotten Covid shots and the legal and privacy ramifications of tracking them means that calling workers back may be even more complicated than sending them home was. And relying on the honor system risks bringing the acrimony that has roiled the public square into the private office.

More businesses are basing rules on vaccine status. Inc. said it will no longer require vaccinated warehouse workers to wear masks, as long as the employees upload their inoculation data to Amazon’s portal. JPMorgan also requires workers to document their vaccinations, making face coverings optional for those who prove they’ve had shots. But requirements vary widely within industries.

The legal team inundated by employer questions that the companies have three choices:

  1. Rely on the honor system and assume anyone without a mask is vaccinated;

  2. Have employees sign a policy saying they acknowledge they have to wear a mask if unvaccinated;

  3. Vaccinated employees are require to share proof of inoculation.

Even those choices are subject to local laws. Some privacy statutes may prohibit asking employees about their vaccination status.

As always, if you like the concept of having a system to track the vaccine status would make the work environment more relaxed. If you wish to tailored this as per your business needs, please contact us.

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