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Multi-Chain Retail Outlets Auditing And Survey Mobile App Developer Solution

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

The most important observational data a company needs to collect for a retail audit should be categorically organized. Each category of data reveals a portion of the insight into the complete data cake and provides insights into consumers "attitudes, preferences, behaviors, habits and preferences. The Retail Audit Checklist to be prepared to learn more about what data points a CPG or FMCG company should collect during a retail audit, as well as set of performance questions and consumer sentiment questions that data collectors should ask to maximize consumer insights.

While location-based data may seem redundant and immature compared to other data points, information gaps in emerging markets can contribute to inaccurate product distribution communication. also there are several mobile app create company but we provide best custom build app for your business.

Multi-chain Retail Outlets Auditing And Survey Mobile App solution

Retail audits are studies of selected outlets conducted by brand representatives or retail store employees to collect data on the status of branded products. On the one hand, it serves as an opportunity for suppliers to ensure that retailers meet the requirements of the business standards and customer needs.

On the other hand, brands enable them to accurately measure their success in the retail environment. Retail audit reports are necessary because they allow business owners to analyze and evaluate the performance of the business, including the quality of the product, customer experience and customer service, and the status of the brand's products. It evaluates how store managers perform their duties and how they interact with employees to achieve business goals.

The Analytics Dashboard is a great tool to identify changes needed to maximize product sales, such as product quality, customer experience and customer service.

The Retail Audit app allows you to turn your mobile device into a powerful audit tool and perform in-store inspections. With the Compliance Audit software, you can create and use checklists for retail audits to perform a full audit of your retail store's inventory, inventory management, sales and customer service. You can also perform an inspection in real time with a single click on a device.

Start by taking a look at our retail audit solution app that can be modified to suit your retail needs with the Retail Audit app for iOS and Android. since there are several app making companies build apps but our product app is available and support in multiple languages for global usage feasibility.

We have standardized and optimized our app to collect in-store observations and retail audits to give real-time feedback to managers and retailers.

We improve the shopping experience and maximize sales through an electronic checklist that evaluates inventory management, inventory control, store space planning and inventory monitoring. We eliminate the need to ever have a stock - out and make sure that merchandising strategies and sales floor planning are followed. By creating a dynamically generated order form for each inspection, we can improve inventory management, maximize sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Retail managers can capture real-time data to provide insight - store execution, minimizing inventory outflows, and creating a test path to manage merchandise performance. Based on the In-Store Implementation Network Survey, only 4% of respondents said that promotions and other merchandising activities were carried out correctly in stores. In addition, we found that the majority of approved advertising displays (70%) are late or not appearing at all.

Retailers lose millions of inventories each year due to inadequate shelf filling procedures, and retailers lose millions of inventories each year due to inadequate shelf filling and refilling procedures. The Outmarch Store Audit Application enables employees to check inventory levels in real time, anticipating and preventing inventory. This helps administrators to check what works and what doesn't before they agree on educated decisions for change. Retailers should be given basic information about the retail execution methods that they should report back to the boss.

Field representatives follow custom-made tasks based on standard checklists, forms and surveys, and save time when performing merchandising tasks such as inventory management, customer service and inventory control on site. Retailers are currently struggling with social norms that are far removed from traditional values of respect, respect for the customer and respect for the workplace, and the need for accountability.

The Retailers Checklist is used by retail employees to assess compliance with standard practices within the company. Field managers monitor the performance of their field staff and outlets. Field staff receive all the information and tools needed to perform retail audits in a standardized manner.

Field officer can Scan QR codes with a paper, has a checklist on the smartphone or tablet or scan a QR code using a mobile device. Do audits and make recommendations on how to improve retail services such as better customer service, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

By combining quality data from different retail locations over time, managers can make actionable decisions that reduce inefficiencies and ultimately boost sales. It is also beneficial to carry out audits and collect data as soon as it is collected, and not afterwards.

Modules included in the solution provided by our mobile app developer in chennai :

  • Add Unlimited Survey's Creation

  • View the Audit report

  • Robust Backend CMS for survey information

  • Role based access controls for survey's

  • Powerful Android App for users/dealers to submit the survey's

  • Survey's results exported on CSV/Excel

As always, if you like the concept but need it tailored to your business, please contact us.

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